Filters neeed to  be changed / Replaced  after 6 months it is a necessity for the machine to be serviced so it runs properly

washing it will no longer  repair it after 6 months

air will not pass through it properly  suction & performance  will be affected

This filter on the dyson website is £12.50 >>>

If your Dyson has  lost RunTime or suction power  its time to Change The Filter

New filters improve  Run time + Suction power

if your filter is old and looks fairly clean all the time its faulty and no Air or dust is passing through it properly anymore

Replacement pre-filter for your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Fits All Models Below

V6 +  V7 +  V8 

Compatible With All Models Below

DC58, DC58 Animal, DC58 Animal Complete, DC59, DC59 Animal, DC59 Animal Complete, DC59 Animal Exclusive, DC61, DC61 Animal, DC62, DC62 Animal, DC62 Digial Slim, V6 Absolute, V6 Total Clean, V6 Fluffy, V6 Animal, V6 Flexi, V6,

SV03     SV04     SV05    SV06     SV07

V7 series,

V8 Animal, V8 Absolute, V8